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Your Child Has the Potential to Learn Faster at an Earlier Age!

children can learn faster, easier and earlier

A lot of parents would love to have an exceptional child who excels academically and can cope with advanced learning skills. Like me, you may be one of those parents who are always on the look out for ways you can help your child learn faster, acquire information easier and develop advanced cognitive abilities at an earlier age. Look no further.

We are the foremost providers of accelerated learning information and materials for children of all ages. It doesn't matter at what level of development your child is at, we have what you need for them to exceed your highest expectations.

American Education is Dumbing-Down Our Children

unhappy childUnfortunately, there's a systematic dumbing-down of education in America. Our children are not given the proper education necessary and, in fact, student achievement has slipped dramatically in the last three decades. We simply are not giving our children the quality of education that many other countries, like Asia, are providing. These days, it's not enough to simply drop your child off at school and expect they will get the right training needed to truly excel. We as parents need to supplement their education with better learning methods based on sound research with proven results.

We Have the Answers

We made it our passion to provide you with the very best tools and information you need to naturally unlock your child's full potential to learn faster and much earlier than you thought possible. And, our materials are a lot of fun to use!

Memory Magic game packs

The information and products on this site were built on the research of Glenn Doman, Dr. Makoto Shichida, Dr. Maria Montessori, Colin Rose and other accelerated child developmental and educational experts from around the world. You won't find a larger variety of specialized learning materials anywhere that will advance your child's cognitive development including early reading and writing, rapid math, instant memory, musical genius, multiple foreign language acquisition, encyclopedic knowledge, and a lot more.

Our Site is Literally Packed with Information and Accelerated Learning Materials!

Please take advantage of our site's many informational blog posts and the hundreds of accelerated learning materials available in our store. We also offer a fantastic monthly subscription program that provides you exceptional value with access to over 150 children's accelerated learning materials that you can use to supplement your children's regular school routine. Just spending a few extra minutes a day with our materials can be the key they need to excel academically and unleash the little genius you never imagined possible!