Visual Stimulation in Learning

Visual Stimulation Helps Shape Our Child’s Mind in Powerful Ways

Your child needs proper visual stimulation

When considering how we learn through visual stimulation, science tells us the neurons that handle visual processing make up about 30% of the brain’s cortex – more than double that of hearing and touch combined. I believe what we take in through our eyes to be the most influential of all our senses. Through visual processing, our brain stores both negative and positive impressions at conscious and subconscious levels. These imprints can have a profound influence on the way we think and learn.

For example, this picture of a waterfall streaming down a mountain side in a tropical forest imprints our consciousness much differently than the picture of a semi-automatic rifle.

samples of positive and negative visual stimulation

If we had a choice which of these pictures to place on the wall in our child’s study space, the waterfall image would most likely the better of the two because would help them feel, positive, calm and relaxed. The image of the rifle tends to create negative stressful feelings and/or violent thoughts. Stress releases the hormone cortisol in the body. Cortisol is toxic to brain cells so it interferes with core functions like memory. Science shows we are more alert and learn better when we feel calm and relaxed.

Images and Distractions

To help engage a receptive state of mind to focus and learn, it’s recommended their study place have uplifting visuals such as beautiful nature scenes. Also, a neat and tidy room can help children concentrate and focus. If movies or game play in present in the same area, even if only in their periphery vision, this can also be distracting. When we look in the dwellings of yogis or monks, you’ll find very few distracting elements. Sparsity assists concentration and focus.

Also, consider the bombardment of our young children with sexual and violent visual stimulation from advertising and programming.

samples of sexual visual stimulation

Shown in these snippets from Disney children’s animated movies are examples that experts cite as sexually explicit subliminal imagery. As mentioned earlier, of everything your young child sees, only a small part reaches their consciousness. Their subconscious absorbs it all. There are many more examples of subliminals that can be found here.

I know subliminal seduction exists. Years ago, I worked for a magazine and, while compiling information for an article, we interviewed an artist who made part of his income painting sexually stimulating subliminals on the product art used in alcohol and tobacco advertising. He showed us numerous subliminals in the ads he worked on, which we found shocking.

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