STEP 2: Word Reading Cards – 3 Letter Words


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by Preschool University

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One set for each of the vowels plus one with double consonant endings. Each set has 12 phonetic word reading cards.

Word reading cards help young children read at an early age

Once your child has mastery of the STEP 1: first 26 sounds of the alphabet – see Alphabet Card Set, it’s time to practice stringing those sounds together to make words. These word reading cards have a word on the outside and a picture on the inside to discourage picture guessing. After reading the word, the child can then check her own work.

The sets are organized into vowel groups: “a” “e” “i” “o” and “u”. Organizing the card sets in this way helps your child practice with each vowel separately which enhances comprehension. You can mix the cards up later for variety.

Note: Careful attention has been put into these lessons to insure that only words that are phonetic and the most commonly occurring sound of each letters are used. For maximum learning effectiveness, no advanced phonics should be introduced at this time.

Two essential things need to be in place for successful early reading to occur:

1. A knowledge of which sound each letter makes. The reader must know which sound each letter makes in the word he is reading. The beginning reader must know that the letter c says /c/, the letter a says /a/ and the letter t says /t/. The beginning reader does not need to know the names of the letters just the sounds that each one makes. Most reading programs do not teach letter sound first but rather the names of the letters. This proves confusing to young children learning how to read.

2. The ability to take the three separate sounds of /c/, /a/ and /t/ and turn them into a meaningful word, “cat.” This skill is what language instructors call blending. Turning /c/ + /a/ + /t/ into “cat” can be a difficult task for young learners. It can take lots of practice and patience to gain mastery at blending.

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