STEP 5: Triple Consonant Blend Word Cards



by Preschool University

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Triple Consonant Blend Word Cards are the next step to reading

After mastering the STEP 1: First 26 sounds of the alphabet, STEP 2: Reading 3-letter words, STEP 3: 4-letter consonant blends and STEP 4: Words with two consonant blends, these triple consonant blend word cards are the next step in reading mastery. Your child can practice reading words that have triple consonant blends.

Note: Careful attention has been put into these lessons to insure that only words that are phonetic and the most commonly occurring sound of each letter are used. For maximum learning effectiveness, skills beyond consonant blending should not be introduced at this time.

Contrary to the current educational paradigm, children do not need to practice reading a list of exclusively “pl” words like plan, plot and plod, or “st” words like stop, stun, stub, step and stag. Children do not need to practice reading the common 20 or so beginning blend word lists and then the 18 or so lists with blends at the end.

It’s much easier to just practice the skill of blending consonants and to skip list reading all together. The skill taught with these cards translates to all lists. Special practice with blending and segmenting with our other lessons in this series will make the job of consonant blending even easier.

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