STEP 7: Silent Final e Flip Books


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by Preschool University

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Two sets, each with 14 words.

Silent Final e Flip Books help young children read at an early age

These specially designed silent final e flip books help show the role of silent final e and the magic it can do to words to make the vowel say its long sound or name. These booklets have word couplets that illustrate the role of silent final e.

They are an excellent introduction to silent final e for your child. The child can flip the book back and forth to see how the silent final e changes the word. These booklets have short vowel long vowel pairs such as cub-cube to help illustrate how the silent final e works.

Before starting with this series of booklets, it’s best if your child has mastered the following word reading cards and their corresponding skill levels; STEP 2: 3-letter phonetic word cards and STEP 3: 4-Letter Phonetic Word Cards with Consonant Blends.

Instructions for using these Silent Final e Flip Books:
Tell your child something like, “I’m going to teach you a special spelling rule that will help you with your reading. I am going to show you how silent final e (or magic silent e) works. Some words have an e at the end that is silent, but the e has a special job. It jumps over the letter (consonant) before it and make the vowel say its name say its name.” If your child does not know the names of the vowels, then it is necessary to play some memory games with your child so that she knows the names of the vowels. Another way would be to practice the short and long sounds for each of the vowels.

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