STEP 16: Silent Final e Books



by Preschool University

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10 printable books, eight pages each. Instructions for printing and assembly included.

silent final e books help young children become an effective reader.

This set of silent final e books feature children as the main characters. The focus is words with silent final e. Each book has one or more sentences per page with just a few sight words per book. A sample page is, “At the pines, Mike slides into the pipe. He sets his hand in the fine sand.”

Before reading this series, children will do best if they have:

1. Mastery with STEP 2: Three-letter words, STEP 3: Four letter words with consonant blends, STEP 4: Words with advanced consonant blends, STEP 5: Advanced consonant blends, STEP 6: Blending and multiple syllables, STEP 7: Words with silent final e, STEP 8: Silent final e word card and STEP 10: Segmenting.

2. Mastery reading the previous book sets: STEP 11: Three Letter Single Sentence Books, STEP 12: Three Letter Double Sentence Books, STEP 13: Consonant Blends Books, STEP 14: Blends Syllables Books and STEP 15: Phonogram Reading Books Set 1.

These are the best way of helping your child to have a successful and fun experience with these books.

Over 22 years have gone into perfecting these silent final e books where it matters most – in the classroom. They were produced by Richard Colombini, MA. He is an expert in early childhood reading education. Based on Montessori teaching principles, these books build an important foundation in learning how to read. Your child is naturally progressed through more advanced concepts which lead to complete reading mastery.

It’s important to keep the learning experience short and fun so that your child is happily interested and engaged. Going through one set once a day should be the right starting pace for using these silent final e books. You are receiving the best reading program available for accelerating the ability of your child to read at an early age. Enjoy and Happy Learning!

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