Sequential Memory Games – Silly Story

$18.95 $13.95


by Mercury Learning Systems

Ages 1 year – adults

Awards for best sequential memory games

Sequential Memory Games Help Children:

Easily memorize and recall 100 objects in sequential order
Develop instant memory recall
Activate creative faculties and out-of-the-box thinking
Increase self-esteem and rapid learning abilities


Award-winning sequential memory games that will entertain you and your children and hours as they learn to easily memorize and recall 100 objects in order! Inspired by the advanced educational methods practiced at Dr. Makoto Shichida’s 400 accelerated learning academies throughout Asia, these games significantly increase the speed at which children are able to memorize and recall dozens of objects in order. They also help activate creativity and out-of-the-box thinking as well as increase self-esteem.

“‘Guess what dad? I just remembered 100 pictures in order!’ That’s what my excited 7 year-old told me after playing Silly Story for only a few days.”
– T. Kaloe., Father of two


  • Six sequential memory games that use funny story lines to help children learn to easily link several objects together
  • Game charts to log your child’s learning progress and game scores
  • Game keys to help play the various Silly Story games
  • An accelerated learner award to present to your child when mastering the games
  • Perfect for children with any learning ability – great for the whole family
  • Instant download game pack
  • Plays on Windows and Macintosh computers


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