Memory Training Kit for Young Children


Memory Training is one of the most valuable and underutilized keys to accelerated learning. This memory training kit includes professionally designed and illustrated mnemonic images and activities to insure young children master rapid memory abilities.


Memory Training Kit by Jones Geniuses

For Ages 2 and Up


  • Printable rapid memory text and answer keys for lessons, memory exam, rapid memory peg cards and memory peg wall posters
  • 13 videos with complete instructions on how to print and use the materials and demonstrations on how to give the lessons

Please note that you will need to print the posters and cards for practice activities.

Jones Geniuses Memory Training Kit for toddlers and up.

Memory Training is one of the most valuable and underutilized keys to accelerated learning. Scientific research of case histories of those with photographic memory shows it is possible for anyone to develop if you know how. That is because 80% of the input cortex of the brain is devoted to visual imagery. This means that you remember pictures at least four times easier than abstract concepts, numbers, formulas etc. By learning how to encode these things into pictures they are remembered and recalled easily. It works!

What is usually lacking is a professionally designed and illustrated set of mnemonic images and activities to ensure you master the basics of Memory Training. Here it is, the finest memory training materials on the market.

Jones Geniuses Accelerated Education is the number one provider of rapid learning products for homeschoolers, after-schoolers and their families. They operate under The Institute for Accelerated Learning, Inc., a non-profit corporation headquartered in Kerrville, Texas.

This memory training kit is based on the work and research of Miles R. Jones, Ph.D. He has been developing accelerated learning programs and implementing them in a variety of settings for over 15 years. Dr. Jones started the Institute in 2004 and is now the Director of Training and Curriculum.

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