How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything – Vol. 3

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How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything

vol 3

Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed with all the information and discussions out there about how best to educate our children. Which types of education, lessons, stimulation, environment, nutrition and educational game apps are the best for brain development and learning and which should we avoid?

Based on over 20 years of research, training and real-world experience, I complied one of the most comprehensive, interesting and engaging works available that answers these questions and a LOT more. This volume literally has the keys to accelerated learning.

It contains 144 pages of 42 interesting topics that will truly enlighten and amaze you.

  • Early Learning Experts and Their Educational Methods
    • Pioneers of Accelerated Education
    • Shichida Method of Right Brain Learning
    • Doman Method of Rapid Learning
    • Montessori Education: Revolution in Learning
    • Age of Montessori
  • Early Reading Mastery
    • Learning Reading at an Early Age
    • Phonemic Awareness: Important for Early Reading
    • The Five Most Common Mistakes Made When Teaching Children to Read
      • Mistake #1: Teaching Children Letter Symbols Before Their Sounds
      • Mistake #2: Teaching Young Students the Names of Letters
      • Mistake #3: Using Uppercase Letters When First Teaching Children to Read and Write
      • Mistake #4: Using Confusing Methods When Training Children to Read
      • Mistake #5: Teaching Children the ABC Song
    • The Phonetic Sounds of Letters
    • Best Early Reading Apps
  • Make Your Child a Math Genius
    • Rapid Math Calculation by Young Children
    • Accelerated Math Training for Young Children
    • The Best Apps for Learning Math
  • Perfect Pitch, Musical Genius and Auditory Stimulation
    • Suzuki Method: Become a Musical Genius
    • Perfect Pitch Training for Children
    • Auditory Stimulation Enhances Child Brain Functions
    • Learn About Music with Our Picks for the Best Children’s Apps
  • Geography, Biology & Science
    • Learn Geography with Our Best App Picks
    • With These Great Apps, Learning Biology is Fun and Entertaining
    • Learning Science is Fun and Entertaining with These Apps
  • Alternative Learning Methods, The Learning Environment, Stimulation Techniques, Right/Left Brain Functions, Children’s Nutrition and More!
    • Educational Game Products: Choosing the Right Ones
    • Some Children’s Learning Products Actually Prevent Learning
    • Tips for the Best Learning Environment
    • Broaden Your Child’s Mind with Encyclopedic Knowledge Flash Cards
    • Memory Linking Education Method
    • Eye Tracking Helps Children Read Effectively
    • Learning Foreign Languages Naturally
    • How to Learn More Using Mind Mapping
    • Right Brain Learning Enhances Your Child’s Academic Abilities
    • Brain Functions: How We Learn through our Right and Left Brains
    • Sensory Stimulation Effects Your Child’s Learning
    • Visual Stimulation in Learning
    • Stimulating Visual Pathways
    • Tactile Stimulation for Teaching
    • Olfactory Stimulation of Your Child
    • Perfect Memory in Education
    • The Role of Intuition in Education
    • Homeopathic Solutions for Learning
    • Child Nutrition and Learning

You will not want to pass up this amazing ebook!

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