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How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything

teach your child anything

When my two children were very young, we had them enrolled in a Montessori school that also used the learning methods of Glenn Doman, Romalda Spalding, Makoto Shichida, Colin Rose and other child brain developmental and learning experts from around the world.

You may not have heard of these educators but their teaching methods embody an advanced understanding of how to unlock the full learning potential in children. They were so effective that at only 4 years old, my son was able to perfectly memorize a list of 100 objects in sequential order. Other children were learning to read at 2 years old, solve complex math equations instantly and give accurate information about nearly any animal you could name. And that’s just a peak at what I saw.


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It was almost like watching a movie featuring a school for mentally advanced hybrid children. But these were all just normal kids that were given the type of unique educational training you just won’t find in any public school.

I was so moved by what I was seeing that I took the right brain training from Makoto Shichida and also learned how to use the accelerated learning methods of Glenn Doman, Colin Rose and Spalding with our children at home.


This training led to the creation of a set of computer and card games for my children to play. Soon, other parents we knew also wanted the game lessons, then our school started using them as part of their curriculum. All urged me to get these games out into the world.

Since then, we’ve sold thousands of copies of the games and lessons to parents, teachers and to child learning centers all over the world. And more recently, we compiled all our accelerated learning games, lessons and important information into a set of ebook volumes. I would now like to introduce you to our second in the series called, “How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything – Vol 2”.

Teach Your Child almost anything

This massive 930 page ebook for ages 1 and up is packed full of the same cards, games and lessons our children and many others have used to develop amazing learning abilities. It contains some important keys to your child’s academic success now and in the future. And, you only need to spend a few minutes a day using them with your children to get great results!

They have won several awards and have even been seen on TV!

memory magic awards

What You Get in This Volume:

Detailed Instructions for Playing Fun Right/Left Brain and Sequential Memory Games

Detailed Instructions for Playing Fun Right/Left Brain and Sequential Memory Games23 Award-winning games that help stimulate and activate your child’s powerful right and left brain functions that lead to instant object/word/sound association and memorization, rapid memory recall, encyclopedic knowledge and increased vocabulary. You can even get your whole family in on the fun! Some of these games are designed for the whole family so even adults can develop these advanced learning abilities! These games are perfect for any learning ability and are even used by parents of educationally challenged children.

760 Printable Right/Left Brain Lesson and Game Cards

380 Large cards for young children and 380 small cards for teens to adults. They are organized in five categories: Animals from around the world, Foods, Musical Instruments, Sports Equipment and Tools. Each category is arranged in 10-card sets so you can conveniently print out as many sets as you like for your games and lessons. The cards each feature a full color photo of the object on the front and interesting facts about it on the back so your children can also have a lot of fun developing encyclopedic knowledge! (a 74.10 value)

100 Printable Sequential Memory Game Cards

100 Printable Sequential Memory Game Cards2×3″ colored silhouette cards to use in our games that help your child develop instant sequential memory and recall abilities that will last a lifetime. Like my son, you child can learn to rapidly remember then recall 100 objects in perfect order! (a $12.90 value)

Game/Lesson Progress Charts

Game/Lesson Progress ChartsTwo different charts that are designed to keep scores during game play or to log your child’s progress while giving the lessons. Keep track as your child develops more and more brain power each day.

Accelerated Learner Awards

Accelerated Learner AwardsSix different full-color printable awards that you can present to your young learner as they progress through the games and lessons. They are a great way to boost your child’s self-esteem and feeling of accomplishment.

Game Keys

Game KeysUse these to help guide you and your child through the games and lessons so you will be able to keep track of the cards you have used and continually offer fresh materials each time.

our guarantee

Our 100% Confidence GuaranteeWe’re so confident that these games and lessons will help your child learn faster and better, that within the next 30 days, if you aren’t completely thrilled and excited at your child’s new-found abilities, you can keep everything, and we’ll return your full purchase price!

Meet the Experts Who Inspired These Games and Lessons

Dr. Makoto Shichida
Probably one of the greatest right brain learning pioneers, Professor Shichida is a leader in the development and success of right brain learning methods. He founded over 400 Child Academies in Japan and wrote more than 100 books on the subject of right brain child education.

Glenn Doman
Doman is one of the learning innovators famous for his pioneering research in the field of brain injury. in 1955, he opened The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia and is an author of numerous groundbreaking books on the subject rapid learning techniques used to heal the brain and multiply the intelligence of children far beyond expectations.

Colin Rose
Educator, lecturer and author of several books, Mr. Rose has been at the forefront of accelerated learning principles and techniques for young children to adults.

You Can’t Put a Price On Your Child’s Academic Advancement

We know how much money we spend on our kids, from music lessons and team sports to entertainment… the list goes on. But what about their education? I’ve seen parents spend as much as $5,000 a year per child to send them to specialized educational centers that give the same training included in this ebook.

Which is why I’m excited to offer this volume to you for just $29.99.

Instead of spending potentially thousands to send your child off for specialized education, give your child one-on-one family bonding time with this powerful ebook and watch as your child amazes you and everyone around with their accelerated learning abilities!

Just spending as little as 5-10 minutes a day using these lessons with your child can make a huge difference in their academic development.

Plus, I’m Adding in Vol. 3, a $24.95 Value, Completely FREE!

vol 3

Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed with all the information and discussions out there about how best to educate our children. Which types of education, lessons, stimulation, environment, nutrition and educational game apps are the best for brain development and learning and which should we avoid?

Based on over 20 years of research, training and real-world experience, I complied one of the most comprehensive, interesting and engaging works available that answers these questions and a LOT more. This volume literally has the keys to accelerated learning. It’s called “How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything – Vol 3”.

It contains 144 pages of 42 topics that will truly enlighten and amaze you.

  • Early Learning Experts and Their Educational Methods
    • Pioneers of Accelerated Education
    • Shichida Method of Right Brain Learning
    • Doman Method of Rapid Learning
    • Montessori Education: Revolution in Learning
    • Age of Montessori
  • Early Reading Mastery
    • Learning Reading at an Early Age
    • Phonemic Awareness: Important for Early Reading
    • The Five Most Common Mistakes Made When Teaching Children to Read
      • Mistake #1: Teaching Children Letter Symbols Before Their Sounds
      • Mistake #2: Teaching Young Students the Names of Letters
      • Mistake #3: Using Uppercase Letters When First Teaching Children to Read and Write
      • Mistake #4: Using Confusing Methods When Training Children to Read
      • Mistake #5: Teaching Children the ABC Song
    • The Phonetic Sounds of Letters
    • Best Early Reading Apps
  • Make Your Child a Math Genius
    • Rapid Math Calculation by Young Children
    • Accelerated Math Training for Young Children
    • The Best Apps for Learning Math
  • Perfect Pitch, Musical Genius and Auditory Stimulation
    • Suzuki Method: Become a Musical Genius
    • Perfect Pitch Training for Children
    • Auditory Stimulation Enhances Child Brain Functions
    • Learn About Music with Our Picks for the Best Children’s Apps
  • Geography, Biology & Science
    • Learn Geography with Our Best App Picks
    • With These Great Apps, Learning Biology is Fun and Entertaining
    • Learning Science is Fun and Entertaining with These Apps
  • Alternative Learning Methods, The Learning Environment, Stimulation Techniques, Right/Left Brain Functions, Children’s Nutrition and More!
    • Educational Game Products: Choosing the Right Ones
    • Some Children’s Learning Products Actually Prevent Learning
    • Tips for the Best Learning Environment
    • Broaden Your Child’s Mind with Encyclopedic Knowledge Flash Cards
    • Memory Linking Education Method
    • Eye Tracking Helps Children Read Effectively
    • Learning Foreign Languages Naturally
    • How to Learn More Using Mind Mapping
    • Right Brain Learning Enhances Your Child’s Academic Abilities
    • Brain Functions: How We Learn through our Right and Left Brains
    • Sensory Stimulation Effects Your Child’s Learning
    • Visual Stimulation in Learning
    • Stimulating Visual Pathways
    • Tactile Stimulation for Teaching
    • Olfactory Stimulation of Your Child
    • Perfect Memory in Education
    • The Role of Intuition in Education
    • Homeopathic Solutions for Learning
    • Child Nutrition and Learning

You will not want to pass up this amazing ebook! It’s a 24.95 value and I’m adding it to your order FREE!

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