Fraction Percent Cards

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by Mercury Learning Systems LLC

37 2-sided cards in two sets
For ages 1 – 6 yrs
Includes instructions

These fraction percent cards are one of the most effective ways to teach your child specific mathematical concepts.

Included are 12 lessons based on the Montessori method of education. These lessons have been used successfully with children from ages one to six years. They will help your child make strong visual associations between the images and the written symbol of the fractions with their equivalent percentages. This learning method is specifically designed to take your child from concrete to abstract mathematical thinking. Abstract thinking skills are an important step to entering higher levels of math instruction.

Below is lesson 1 from the instructions included:

1. Look for these six folded cards in Set 1:

fraction percent cards

2. Stack your cards so only the image on the outside is visible. Place them in order starting with the whole, then halves, thirds, fourths, fifths and tenths last.

3. Say to your child, “Let’s learn about fractions!” Start by pointing to the whole card and tell your child, “This is one whole.” Show the 1/2 picture card and say, “This is one-half.” Point with your finger and count each half section of the image saying, “One, two…. Two halves.” Point to the shaded area of the image and say, “One-half of this image is colored in. This is one-half.” Continue on with the rest of the cards in this manner, showing just the image and telling your child how to say the fraction.

Teaching Keys:

  • Always quit before your child become bored with a lesson.
  • Help keep him interested by showing enthusiasm for the activity and working with the material only as long as he is attentive.
  • Invite him to say the fractions with you whenever possible.
  • Children often like to recite in unison.
  • Have fun teaching your child!
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37 2-sided cards
12 lessons
Complete instructions for assembly and use
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