Flashcard Videos for Children


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Flashcard Videos Build Vocabulary and Encyclopedic Knowledge at an Early Age


For ages 2 and up
All Region DVD
Running time is about 40 mins. each

These flashcard videos build vocabulary and encyclopedic knowledge in very young children.

Introduce your child to the amazing world of animals with the Wink-to-Learn Animal Edition DVDs. These educational DVDs feature amazing facts about common and unusual animals. The child-friendly information is presented through an eye-catching video production that is very engaging and easy to understand. Did you know, a sloth takes 1 month to travel 1 kilometer?

Filmed in the World famous Singapore Zoo and Jurong Birdpark, this is an excellent English DVD program for young children to learn hundreds encyclopedic facts about animals with words and phrases. Your child will enjoy real-life animal videos, captivating animal photos, interesting facts through animation, real animal sounds, and lively music.

WINKtoLEARN’s mission is to create early learning products that help children learn about the world around them. Their award-winning programs are inspired by the proven teaching methods pioneered by Glenn Doman of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, and Dr. Makato Shichida, founder of over 400 Child Academies throughout Asia and author of more than 100 books.

Along with the captivating pictures and video footage, the words used are color-coded using bright colors, which allows children to learn spelling 25% faster. Together with accurate pronunciation, these adventure DVDs help your child develop a positive interest in whatever subject they are engaging in.

Early learning is critical for every child’s growth. The flashcard methodology used in this series is proven to be highly effective in developing spelling, word/sound recognition, encyclopedic knowledge and increased vocabulary at a very early age.

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