Eye Tracking Cards Strengthen Eye Muscles



Eye-Tracking Cards Help Strengthen Eyes for Easier Reading

by Mercury Learning Systems

Ages 1 – 9 years

Awards for best eye tracking cards

Eye Tracking Cards Help Children:

Strengthen eye tracking muscles
Increase eye movement


These award-winning eye tracking cards are built on the research of Asian child education expert Dr. Makoto Shichida. He shows that when children exercise their eyes in up/down, left/right and zig-zag movements, it helps increase the speed at which children can track the written word.

Vision therapists use these cards to help children who have difficulty with eye tracking, especially those with dyslexia. They are excellent for young children who are learning to read. The most benefit can be gained by using all three zig-zag cards in each session. Try to time it so your child can practice with them all without getting tired or bored.


  • Four eye-tracking cards
  • Complete instructions for use
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