Early Rapid Learning Math Kit – Matrix Math

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Start Your Child with the Matrix Early Learning Math Kit

For 2 – 6 Years – Facts Master

Click on the video below showing young Jones Geniuses students defeating college professors in an advanced math competition.

Building the Foundation with Early Learning Math

This early learning math curriculum starts at the very beginning by teaching recognition and writing of number signs as well as the foundational mathematical skills of counting, addition and subtraction. By the end of the program, your child will know the basics of math.

If your child is walking and talking, their cortex is online and they are capable of learning the numbers, their quantities and how to use them. Using our proprietary Dot Matrix system, your child can immediately begin to count, add and subtract starting with one problem at a time, gradually adding more and more through each set of Matrix Fun Sheets. Very soon they will be off the Dot Matrix sheets and ready to move on to more advanced mathematics.

This kit has all the instructional printables and videos you need to effectively teach your child math using specialized accelerated learning methods. This program provides a wonderful way to bond with your child and have a lot of fun too!

Length of Time to Complete this Program

Depending on the age, skill level of your child, and the consistency of your lessons, a first grade age child can go through this program within weeks. A child who is two years old may take a entire school year or longer to complete. A child who practices the lessons four times a day will progress more than twice as fast as doing them less often.

Doing the lessons once a day will fine work as long as you’re consistent. Inconsistency with the lessons will slow the learning process and restrict your child’s ability to retain the information.

When your child has successfully completed this program, at whatever age, he will be prepared to go on to Math Three, our first grade level program.

Build on Your Child’s Success in Math

Each kit builds on the preceding kit so that there are no gaps in knowledge from one to the next. Because of this, children who begin our program at a very early age (three or younger) often are doing algebra by the time they are eight years old because they consistently moving through the programs. That’s what accelerated learning is all about – going as fast as you are willing and able to go!

Jones Geniuses Accelerated Math Education is the number one math curriculum for homeschoolers, after-schoolers and their families. They operate under The Institute for Accelerated Learning, Inc., a non-profit corporation headquartered in Kerrville, Texas.

These programs are based on the work and research of Miles R. Jones, Ph.D. He has been developing accelerated learning programs and implementing them in a variety of settings for over 15 years. Dr. Jones started the Institute in 2004 and is now the Director of Training and Curriculum.


  • Printable Matrix Math textbook, Matrix Math wall Posters, Matrix Math Manipulative Cards, and worksheets with answers
  • Printable numbers storybook: “How the Numbers Made Friends with the Letters”
  • Six videos with complete instructions on how to print and use the materials and demonstrations on how to give the lessons
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