Animals Set 6



Animals Set 6 – Rapid Learning Encyclopedic Knowledge Cards

Objects: Pigeon, Poodle, Porcupine, Jersey Cow, Male Lion, Raccoon, Red Kangaroo, Red Tail Boa Constrictor, Rabbit, Red Tail Hawk


  • 20 printable playing cards in two sizes: Large (8.5 x 11) for young children and small (2×3) for teens to adults
  • The front of each card shows a high-quality photographic object. The backs include the name of the object and several interesting facts about it
  • Instructions for playing 12 games based on accelerated learning methods
  • Game charts to log game scores or your child’s learning progress
  • Game keys to help when playing the various games
  • An accelerated learning award to present to your child when mastering the games
  • Complete instructions

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