STEP 1: Alphabet Card Sets – English & Spanish




by Preschool University

STEP: 123456789101112131415161718192021

These Alphabet Card Sets help children learn the sound each letter makes. Each card includes a photographic picture that helps with letter sound association. Focusing on the first letter sound of each word is the first step to properly teaching your child to read and easily comprehend the written word.

26 Cards-English
31 Cards-Spanish
Complete instructions for use included.

Important Notes When Using Alphabet Card Sets

With this and all lessons, if your child shows signs of boredom or distraction, stop the lesson and try again at a later time. Don’t force the lessons on your child: negative thoughts and feelings can block the learning process.

Designed by Experts, Perfected in the Classroom

Special care has been taken to ensure that each letter has the proper phonics based image matched to it and there are no consonant blends used for the beginning sounds. Also, Preschool University early reading products were designed using proper educational methods for early reading mastery. You can be assured these are the finest learning-to-read lessons available.

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