Self-Esteem Songs – Sing Your Way To Health, Wealth and Happiness



Song album Sing Your Way positive affirmations

MP3 song album download with 9 songs for older children to adults – Includes lyrics – Listen to samples below

Singing affirmations we use to change our old, negative thought patterns to new, positive, abundant thoughts that work for our good. It’s been said that we are the sum total of our thoughts. So, if we don’t like the way we are, it’s essential to change the way we think. Affirmations are a positive, fun way to begin.

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I Walk Forward:

My Body Is Radiant Health:

I Believe In Miracles:

I Relax, I Release:

As I Walk Out Today:

Yes, I Am:

I Am Receiving:

Better and Better and Better:

I Love Life:

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