Perfect Memory in Education

Many of us wish we had a better memory enabling us to learn faster. This post discusses how perfect memory works.

What is Perfect Memory?

Our right brain’s mass memory capacity stores all we experience through our five senses including inspirations from other sources. Strong connections between our right and left brain functions enable access this massive storehouse then bring genius-like ideas, inventions and practical solutions into the world. This right/left interchange in the brain is the way we experience perfect memory.

Here’s an example: Remember The Minority Report with Tom Cruise? In the movie, three children with the gift of premonition (a “subconscious” right brain function), projected images of the future into a screen. Cruise, using his advanced left brain “conscious” abilities, was able to organize those images into a logical sequence of events. This right/left brain subconscious/conscious interchange led to the location and arrest of a future perpetrator in a crime.

To a lessor or greater degree, our minds are naturally capable of performing amazing feats of genius like those demonstrated in this movie but to do it, our brain pathways need proper stimulation and enhancement.

We’ve heard stories of classical music greats like Wagner. Inspirations for compositions seemed to flow through their minds onto paper with no effort at all. It would happen so fast, they barely had enough time to write it all down. You, like me, have experienced flashes of inspiration, solutions to problems, a new song or invention that suddenly registers in our outer awareness. I have a note book filled with over 50 great ideas I’ve written down over the years. Maybe I’ll get around to producing a few some day. The point is, our subconscious mind (right brain) is the source of a massive amount of info. Our conscious mind (left brain) is what can bring it into form.

Synapses: The Super Highways to Perfect Memory

increased synapse activity helps unlock perfect memory

I mentioned the connections in our brain and suggested the more we have, the smarter we are. These connections are called synapses. With very young children, stimulating and strengthening synapse activity is easy because they so many to work with. Between the ages of about 0 to 6 years of age, it’s estimated that children have about 10 quadrillion synapses. That’s a lot of genius potential waiting to be activated. This number declines with age simply due to lack of use (what we don’t use, we lose). Estimates vary but, as adults, we may have anywhere from 1 to 5 quadrillion synapses (roughly half those of a child).

Our ability to learn and develop new ideas are a direct result of how much synapse activity is present in our brains. That’s why it’s important to start your child at birth with proper brain stimulation exercises.

The Power of Perfect Memory

Here’s a real-life story illustrating how proper brain education unlocked this left/right subconscious/conscious interchange I’ve been discussing. It was shared by a mother I know who attended an elementary school fair with her young daughter. She’s a teacher/trainer in the Montessori Method who for years had been using the same types of accelerated learning products with her daughter that we offer on our site:

Child with Perfect Memory

“At her yearly elementary school fair, Lisa and I walked up to a table that had a jar filled with jelly beans. ‘To win the prize’, the person at the the table said, ‘you need to guess closest to the number of jelly beans that are in the jar.’ Lisa paused for a moment and then wrote down a number. Later that day, when time came to announce the winner, she had won! In fact, to everyone’s amazement, she was only one jelly bean off the exact number in the jar.

I asked her how she did it. ‘It was easy,’ she said. ‘I saw a funnel in my mind with the beans pouring through. When they plopped out one by one, a little counter counted them. When the last one came through, I just wrote down the number I saw on the counter.'”

Was this just coincidence? My experience tells me it was not. Studies show when our right brain’s massive memory storage capacity is properly wired to our left brain’s outer awareness, all sorts of surprising abilities can be unlocked!

We have a wonderful program for children that contains many interactive right/left brain accelerated learning games, lessons and songs built on the research of The Doman Method®, Shichida, Colin Rose and other child development experts from around the world.
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