Intuition and Accelerated Learning

Most of us experience intuition from time to time. These are higher thought processes that come through right brain subconscious mind to our conscious left brain awareness. Using proper methods to stimulate and strengthen the connections between these functions makes cognitive learning much faster and easier. We can tap into higher knowledge, make amazing discoveries or even create inventions that transcend our personal experience and know-how.

Intuition is that still small voice of conscience tells us the right thing to do in a given situation. Some say it’s our soul. Others claim it’s our higher self or the voice of reason. Sadly, many don’t have this connection and therefore are prone to act through lower forms of thought known as the reptilian brain. With these, intuitive learning concepts don’t come naturally and they aren’t concerned or remorseful when doing wrong to others because they don’t have a conscience telling them right from wrong. You often see people like this involved in terrorist or gang activities.

Intuitive Thinking in Action

Let me share a personal event that illustrates intuitive thought. While reading, see if you can remember experiencing anything similar in your life.

Ron (an old high school buddy) and I decided to drive up from San Diego to Pasadena for an event.

Hari Krishna

On the drive up we talked about many different things and then our conversation turned to Chris, a mutual friend we hadn’t seen in years. I mentioned to Ron that a couple years earlier I asked his parents where Chris was, and they told me he had joined the Hari Krishna movement somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia. While driving we talked about all the good times we had together, and then went on to other topics. Finally arriving in Pasadena, we parked and went in to the event.

When it was over, we followed the crowd out and, low and behold, there was Chris sitting on the half-wall outside. The very person we just happened to be talking about a couple hours earlier, at the exact same place we were – Pasadena, California – two years later and a hundred miles from home. What are the odds of that?

I’m not making this up. We hadn’t heard from Chris in over two years and last we heard, he was a Krishna follower in Atlanta. I believe, in our earlier conversation, Ron and I tuned in to someone we were about to meet again. Experts call this type of intuition “premonition”. Dr. Makoto Shichida, child learning expert and Founder of over 400 child learning academies, tells us this is ability is one of the functions our right brain.

I’m not the only one who has had this type of experience. I’ve heard dozens of accounts, some even more interesting and unlikely than mine. For years these stories got me thinking and searching. Now I’m sharing what I found, which is based on my research and experience. Please do your own research as your interest dictates and come to your own conclusions.

How We Can Develop our Intuition

Dr. Shichida says the right brain produces brain waves which resonate with the universe. He goes on to tell us the universe broadcasts at 7.5 Hz, just at the border between Alpha and Theta waves. Through meditation, mantras, prayer, yoga and other relaxation techniques, we can maintain our brain waves at the same frequency as the universe and become more receptive to its inspiration.

The alpha brain state is best for intuition

Further, according to esoteric teachings, we live in a physical (time and space) universe and also in a non-physical universe that’s not connected to time or space. And, there are seen and unseen forces we come in contact with daily. Recently, even scientists in quantum physics are beginning to understand this dynamic.

What does it matter if we’re in tune with the universe or not? Here’s what the experts say: We are all connected to the universe, and therefore to each other through our subconscious minds (right brain functions). Our subconscious mind utilizes up to 97% of our total brain power. In fact, they say our subconscious and unconscious minds are “receiving stations” for all impressions, both good and bad, from God (universal mind) and elsewhere. There’s a lot more to this but to stay on topic, let’s just say there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we’re not consciously aware of.

We’ve established the idea that the left brain is focused in time and space and the right brain taps into the part of our mind that has no sense of time or space. Some say one way to tap tremendous higher knowledge is holding thoughts and feelings of tremendous love and gratitude for all parts of life. Other ways of “tuning in” involve clearing our mind of negative thoughts and their connected feelings which includes staying away from influences that invite negativity into our world. Many forms of prayer and meditation can help clear the mind of these debris and keep us in a positive alpha state of mind.

When we take a look at geniuses throughout history and read about their lives, we find, for example, that greats like da Vinci drew plans for the helicopter hundreds of years before the first one was built. They all had that special connection to the “universal Mind”, or “Mind of God”. And, you know what? We all have that same potential.

Intuition in a Nut Shell

Intuition occurs when outer forces influence our subconscious minds. In other words, our right brain picks up those vibrations as sparks of thought images, which are transferred to our left brain’s conscious awareness. It’s the theory of some that because part of the universe is not physical or anchored in time or space, we can even gain access to past and possible future events through properly trained brain functions. And, because we’re all tied to the universe, we’re all tied to each other and so thoughts of others we’ve had meaningful experiences with, for example, can bring us in tune with them (as I’ve tried to illustrate with my personal account.)

However, if our subconscious minds are inspired by the “mind of God,” that doesn’t mean those higher thoughts make it to our outer conscious awareness.

intuition can predict car accidents

In other words, if our right and left brain functions aren’t well enough developed, there’s little or no crossover from subconscious to conscious thought, and we can “miss the boat” on whatever we’re supposed to know at a given moment in time. It could be as simple as meeting up with an old friend that you had no previous knowledge would happen, or as lifesaving as suddenly deciding to take a different route home from work for no apparent reason, only to find out later you would have gotten caught up in a serious car accident had you driven your normal route home.

Remember a few years ago when the 35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis? This tragedy made it to the national spotlight. I happened to live just north of the bridge so out of my own concern, called a friend I knew travelled over that bridge to and from work every day. He told me he decided to work late that night so wasn’t near it. He also mentioned he almost never works late but wanted to finish part of a project before leaving. There was a good chance he could have been in that collapse had he started home his usual time. Coincidence? Maybe. You decide!

Train Your Right Brain Functions for Intuition

There are still a lot of discoveries yet to be made regarding intuition as it relates to how we learn. What you’ve read is based on my own research, experiences and reflections gathered through the years. Some of the experiences I mentioned may be similar to what you’ve experienced.

As you use the keys mentioned in this post, you may unlock many surprising learning abilities. Remember, loving others and holding a sense of gratitude to your higher self (God) puts us in an uplifting, positive attitude. Gratitude for what we have, no matter how little, shows the universe we are ready to receive more. When we allow ourselves to enter these higher states of consciousness, we can open doors of opportunity that will help us learn what it is we’re meant to do. We can fulfill our reason for being on earth and touch the lives of thousands – just like Jesus, Buddha, Mozart, Einstein and thousands of others before us have done.

Read this testimony from a parent explaining an intuition game she plays with her daughter using the Shichida Method.

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