Homeopathic Solutions for Learning

We have been using homeopathic solutions with our children ever since they were babies. The following is some information for those interested in an alternative way to help your child focus, concentrate and become calm especially when faced with the stress of school and learning.

A Little History First

The basic premise of Homeopathy was documented during the time of Hippocrates around 400 B.C. More recently, Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German doctor and chemist, developed what is known today as homeopathic medicine.

Three Principles Define Homeopathic Solutions

Homeopathic Solutions for Learning

Like Cures Like

If a substance in an onion, for example, makes a healthy person’s eyes water, then the homeopathic remedy Allium Cepa (which is made from onions) can relieve a person with watery eyes produced by a cold or allergy.

The Smaller the Dose, the Higher the Potency

Data shows that homeopathic medicine is more effective when its active ingredient is highly diluted. In fact, that more diluted it is, the more potent it becomes.

Individualized Medicines

Ideally, a homeopathic solution is created for someone based on many factors including physical symptoms, lifestyle, emotional and mental states. Homeopathic practitioners are trained to formulate these individual treatments.

However, many companies that produce homeopathic medicines have simplified the process of selecting the right product by combining several active ingredients to treat the most common symptoms that people suffer from. For example, the Helios formula, Gelsemium, treats a child who is restless or feels blank when trying to concentrate on his lessons.

Homeopathic Remedies are Very Safe

  • They don’t have the side effects associated with traditional medications
  • They are very safe to use with small children
  • They are regulated by the FDA
  • They are made from natural substances
  • It is a natural system of self-medication

Our Recommended Homeopathic Solutions

To find a complete list of homeopathic solutions for learning, visit our Amazon.com store. There, you can get complete information and buy some to try out with your children!

Gelsemium by Helios Homeopathy
Does your restless child feel blank when trying to concentrate so he fidgets instead? If yes, Gelsemium can be calming.

Lycopodium Clavatum by Boiron Homeopathic Medicine
If the errors are more in writing, try Lycopodium particularly if he’s a born worrier and is timid – except at home.

Phosphorus by Boiron Homeopathic Medicine
Is your child just too excitable, too energetic or too worried to study? That restlessness might settle with Phosphorus.

Cerato by Bach Flower Remedies Essence
Cerato Ceratosignma Willmotiana Original Flower Essence for Naturally Occurring Nervous Tension Per Dr. Edward Bach. Instills Decisiveness in Judgement.

Clematis by Bach Flower Remedies Essence
Use Clematis and/or White Chestnut Bach Flower remedies to help with concentration.

White Chestnut by Bach Flower Remedies Essence
Use Clematis and/or White Chestnut Bach Flower remedies to help with concentration.

Chestnut Bud by Bach Flower Remedies Essence
Learning difficulties? Use Chestnut Bud for repeated errors and if indecision and uncertainty are holding them back.

Rescue Remedy by Bach Flower Remedies Essence
This can really help calm your child when upset.

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