Child Flash Card Games

Child Flash Card Games Help Develop Surprising New Learning Abilities

Rapid learning child flash card games such as the ones we carry use an accelerated educational method which helps your child learn almost anything faster and much easier than the typical flash card games used in most classrooms. Your child can develop abilities such as:

  • Instant memorization and recall
  • Lightning-fast thought processes
  • Encyclopedic knowledge and increased vocabulary
  • Early word/object/sound recognition

Rapid Learning Child Flash Card Games: Research and Application

Rapid child flash card games - right brain learning

According to research and work with thousands of children, Glenn Doman of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, proved that children who did not have natural genius abilities were still able to develop them by having clear, accurately rendered images and information presented to them at a very fast pace.

In addition, leading educators in other parts of the world, notably Dr. Makoto Shichida, places more attention on developing the child’s right brain functions to unlock their natural intelligence. He proved amazing learning abilities can be developed in normal children by quickly displaying flash cards with one object and word at a time.

Genius abilities emerge because, during the process of rapid flashing, the right brain’s instant recording mass-memory capacity is activated. The left brain provides systematic, logical and orderly thought functions. When increasing both brain functions with rapid child flash card games, accelerated learning is activated.

Rapid Child Flash Card Games

Young boy playing Memory Magic rapid child flash card games

Young boy playing Mercury Learning Systems’ rapid flash card games.

Mercury Learning Systems’ Super Flash Computer Games and rapid flash card games were inspired by the proven accelerated learning methods of Glenn Doman and Dr. Makoto Shichida. They have been carefully designed to give your child the proper types of neurological stimulation that lead to the emergence of the abilities discussed above.

We have a wonderful program for children that contains many interactive accelerated learning games, lessons and songs inspired by The Doman Method®, Shichida, Colin Rose and other child development experts from around the world.
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