Age of Montessori

Age of Montessori Offers the Finest Teacher Certification and Parent Education Programs Available

Age of Montessori

I wanted to give a shout out about Age of Montessori and summarize the important products and services they offer to teachers and parents.

AOM was founded by 30 year veteran educator Mary Ellen Maunz, M. Ed, who was trained as a Master Teacher by Dr. Elisabeth Caspari. Dr. Caspari was a personal friend and student of Maria Montessori, who founded what’s known today as the Montessori Method. Montessori educational methods are practiced in nearly every country around the world.

Age of Montessori is located in Bozeman, MT. The Faculty includes professionals in the fields of distance learning, performance arts, sociology, accelerated learning, gifted education, curriculum & instruction, technology education, humanities, teacher training, early childhood education, human development, and child & family psychology. They are eager to pass along their many years of research, knowledge and experience through Age of Montessori online and in-person programs, seminars and products, which include:

Age of Montessori children

Age of Montessori provides a solid teaching structure and curriculum developed by Master Montessori Teachers who are also parents. They also offer in-depth resources that assist you in nurturing your child’s personal development and mastery. Their courses, seminars and products take you through the steps of understanding how your child learns and how to meet their developmental needs.

They also offer the top solution for early mastery of reading called The Royal Road to Reading. It’s composed of three programs that all include DVDs, professionally designed materials and complete instructions for use. The Royal Road to Reading is designed for use by teachers, parents, grandparents and homeschoolers.

I invite you to discover one of the best education training organizations available that will teach you how to unlock your child’s full potential. Choose a heart-centered career.

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