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Join our accelerated learning program featuring materials inspired by Glenn Doman, Dr. Makoto Shichida, Dr. Maria Montessori, Colin Rose and other child developmental and educational experts from around the world.

Download Over 170 Accelerated Learning Games, Lessons and Songs
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Extend Your Child’s Learning Opportunities Beyond the Classroom
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Premium Accelerated Educational Materials

Download hundreds of professionally designed materials built on the research of Glenn Doman, Dr. Makoto Shichida, Dr. Maria Montessori, Colin Rose and other child developmental and educational experts from around the world.

Priceless Tips From the Experts

This accelerated learning program offers new ways to stimulate, activate and unlock your child’s full learning potential including tips on using various transformative learning methods. Your child can rapidly focus, learn and achieve more.

Memory Magic Computer Game Packs!

Exclusive to you as a member, included with our growing list of 170 accelerated learning materials, you can instantly download our popular award-winning Memory Magic series computer game and card packs!

Inspiring Learning Songs

You and your child will absolutely love our 60 catchy interactive learning songs produced by experts in child development and education! Your children will effortlessly learn about the world around them and gain a more positive outlook on life.

Imagine Your Child…

  • Reading almost anything at a very young age
  • Instantly solving complex math problems with no calculator
  • Able to speed through new information and get straight A’s on tests
  • Easily learning other languages
  • Never falling behind or becoming bored in school
  • Solving problems in ways no one ever thought of
  • Keeping focused with a positive attitude towards self and others
  • Becoming a balanced powerful human being
If you desire any of these, then you recognize the importance of giving your child the very best educational advantage available. Take advantage of our special offer below!

When You Join, Instantly Download Our Popular Award-Winning Computer Game Packs – Over $100 in Total Value!

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Visual Memory & Eye-Tracking Games – For Ages 8 Months and Up

  • Instructions for playing five games
  • Four eye-tracking cards with instructions
  • Helps children develop lightning-fast memory, strengthens eye-tracking and more
Retail Price: $24.90 – Download immediately when you join!

Sequential Memory Games – For Ages 1 Year and Up

  • Instructions for playing 17 hilarious computer and card games
  • 100 sequential memory playing cards with instructions
  • Trains your child how to easily remember and recall 100 objects in order
Retail Price: $30.90 – Download immediately when you join!

Photographic Memory Rapid Learning Games – For Ages 6 Months and Up

  • Instructions for playing 22 stimulating accelerated learning games
  • Five categories to learn about: Animals, Musical Instruments, Sports Equipment, Foods and Tools
  • Helps your child develop sound/word/object association, instant memory recall and more!
Reg Price: $52.99 – Download immediately when you join!

What Others Are Saying

“We just wanted to thank you for making this accelerated learning program available. It’s a lot of valuable information and at first we thought we would be overwhelmed with all these new ways to learn. But there’s new materials each month which gives us time to try it with our little girl. We can’t wait to download next month!” – Ann, Jake and Molly, Alaska, USA
“My mom got the subscription for my family. I learned how to do mind mapping and like it a lot because I love to draw and it helps me remember more.” – Sofía, Arizona, USA
“I stayed with a mother of seven who recently got the Memory Magic photographic memory games for her five-year old son. What I saw was amazing: As soon as her son started playing the games the other children began gathering around to play too. In about 15 minutes all seven children (whose ages range from 5 to 14) were all playing the games together. This lasted for at least 3 hours straight! I’ve never seen these children play a game for that long and without fighting over something! Any game that do that is a winner in my book.” – Monique, Minnesota, USA
“I’m a subscriber and have just had my 7 yr old read to me instead of silent reading his home reader books. To my surprise there had been a dramatic increase in the speed in which he reads. I believe the concentration required to use some of these techniques is rubbing off when he is reading. They will certainly benefit him in school.” – Peter, Melbourne, Australia
“We recently received our fifth game in your accelerated learning program and we want to tell you that we are extremely pleased with the results. It’s obvious that a lot of love, time and creative energy was spent to make this. Our (almost three year old) son Thomas really enjoys it.” – Cynthia, Toronto, Canada

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