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Perfect Memory in Education

Many of us wish we had a better memory enabling us to learn faster. This post discusses how perfect memory works.

What is Perfect Memory?

Our right brain’s mass memory capacity stores all we experience through our five senses including inspirations from other sources. Strong connections between our right and left brain functions enable access this massive storehouse then bring genius-like ideas, inventions and practical solutions into the world. This right/left interchange in the brain is the way we experience perfect memory.

Here’s an example: Remember The Minority Report with Tom Cruise? In the movie, three children with the gift of premonition (a “subconscious” right brain function), projected images of the future into a screen. Cruise, using his advanced left brain “conscious” abilities, was able to organize those images into a logical sequence of events. This right/left brain subconscious/conscious interchange led to the location and arrest of a future perpetrator in a crime.

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Right Brain Learning Enhances Child’s Education

Right brain learning expert Dr. Makoto Shichida

Right brain learning was developed in Japan, where Dr. Makoto Shichida made popular what became known as “Right Brain Education”. On any given day in his 400+ Shichida Child Academies you’ll find dozens of children developing remarkable abilities like remembering up to 1,000 objects in sequential order, instantly solving complex math equations, and flipping through a 500 page book then scoring highly on a comprehension test.

Games and exercises that are targeted for right brain stimulation are often simple to play. They can quickly help increase a child’s creativity, rapid thought processes, concentration and memory, as well as help develop musical aptitude, intuition and more.

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