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Intuition and Accelerated Learning

Most of us experience intuition from time to time. These are higher thought processes that come through right brain subconscious mind to our conscious left brain awareness. Using proper methods to stimulate and strengthen the connections between these functions makes cognitive learning much faster and easier. We can tap into higher knowledge, make amazing discoveries or even create inventions that transcend our personal experience and know-how.

Intuition is that still small voice of conscience tells us the right thing to do in a given situation. Some say it’s our soul. Others claim it’s our higher self or the voice of reason. Sadly, many don’t have this connection and therefore are prone to act through lower forms of thought known as the reptilian brain. With these, intuitive learning concepts don’t come naturally and they aren’t concerned or remorseful when doing wrong to others because they don’t have a conscience telling them right from wrong. You often see people like this involved in terrorist or gang activities.

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