Teach Children Chinese Using Drama



Teach Children Chinese Using Drama Set

For Years 2 and up
All Region DVDs
Includes topics such as: Action, Animals, Colors, Flowers, Modes of Transport, My Family and Numbers
Includes descriptive phrases such as: I am…, I can…, self-introduction, and many more

Includes 20 stories, 10 Flashcard lessons and one Chinese poem
Separate lessons for Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Running Time: 40-50 minutes.


Teach children Chinese using Drama Set

This program aims to help your child to recognize more than 800 words and to form proper phrases and sentences using proven flashcard-techniques developed by Dr Glenn Doman and Dr Shichida. Each lesson is based on the flashcard principles of Glenn Doman. Lesson duration is short (less than 5 mins) and captivates your child’s attention using real life photos and videos.

This Speak & Read Set includes 3 stimulating DVDs that help you easily teach children Chinese using drama. This is the best program available for early learning of a foreign language. The parents’ guidebook included contains detailed instructions for using the DVDs. Also included are the English translations for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 to assist in following along with the lessons.

Each story video is accompanied with a dramatic speech video. After watching the story video a few times, your child is able to role-play using the drama video. The audio dialogue allows you and your children to interact together by taking up different roles like a caterpillar, tortoise, squirrel, etc. This interaction is an innovative accelerated way of learning and helps your child master the Chinese language at a very early age.

View a Sample Lesson:

The Ants Story (Speech & Drama Video in Traditional Chinese)

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