Shichida Method Math Kit

This Shichida Method Math Kit stimulates and develops your young child's high-speed computing power of the right brain.

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Shichida Method Math Kit Builds Arithmetic and Computational Power in Young Children

Ages 2 months - 3 years

Shichida Method Math Kit

This Shichida Method Math Kit stimulates and develops your young child's high-speed computing power of the right brain. The 663 piece kit includes seven sets of formula dots to easily teach the concepts of numbers and mathematics. Also includes a DVD and complete instructions on how to use this kit. This is a 63 day program.

Amazing Testimonial From a Parent Who Teaches with the Shichida Math Kit

We practiced Shichida method math when my son was two months old. Since he could not sit up by himself yet, I showed the cards to him while he was lying on his back. I was not sure if he understood what I was doing with him, but I kept on showing the dots? as one of our games. When he was four months old, I showed him two cards at a time, one with 37 dots and one with 38 dots, and asked him which one had 37. To my amazement, he responded by glancing at the correct answer. Every time I tested him, he gave me the right answer. Later when he was six months old, I showed him cards with the numbers fifty-one and fifty-two and asked which one had fifty-two. He pointed to the right card without hesitation.

The other day I showed him five cards with simple equations like 24+17=41, 31+5=36, and 27+52=79, then tested him by showing the card of 48+29 and the cards with 77 and 78 and asked which one is the answer. He tapped the card of the right answer. Then I showed him cards of subtraction problems and tested him. He gave me a correct answer. I was totally amazed. Seeing my own son master addition and subtraction in matter of seconds, I felt as if I were watching a magic trick.

I was surprised to find that my daughter can solve subtraction problems. But I have noticed that when I asked her orally, for example, "What is x plus y?" she answers incorrectly. However, when I write the formulas for her, she writes the correct answers. It is the same thing with subtraction. Also she can solve two digit plus two digit problems quicker than me! Orally, she can't solve anything.

Now, she can solve addition problems of three digits and three digits. I don't know how she does it, but I am very proud of her. My husband was so surprised to see that she calculates from the highest place value, not from the lowest. The instructor showed me a drill paper on which a boy calculated the multiplication of three digits by three digits from the left to the right. She then said to me, "All efforts you make will be rewarded." I believed her words, and our efforts were rewarded.

We've started on a little addition. when I ask "What is 38+18?", our daughter grins all over and picks out the '56' card. This is only the fourth day we've worked on addition, probably a total of less than fifteen minutes. I was so pleased. I really praised her. My husband tried it with her too, and the baby got all the answers right. I was hoping for a child who would excel beyond her parents, but never dreamed she would do so at only six months. From the bottom of our hearts, we are truly grateful to you for your help.

Mother of a six month old baby, Togo City

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