Sequential Memory Visual Memory Bundle

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Bundle Special: Sequential Memory and Visual Memory Eye Tracking Computer Games

by Mercury Learning Systems

Silly Story Sequential Memory Games

Ages 1 year – adults

Awards for best sequential memory games

Sequential Memory Games Help Children:

Easily memorize and recall 100 objects in sequential order
Develop instant memory recall
Activate creative faculties and out-of-the-box thinking
Increase self-esteem and rapid learning abilities


Award-winning sequential memory games that will entertain you and your children and hours as they learn to easily memorize and recall 100 objects in order! Inspired by the advanced educational methods practiced at Dr. Makoto Shichida’s 400 accelerated learning academies throughout Asia, these games significantly increase the speed at which children are able to memorize and recall dozens of objects in order. They also help activate creativity and out-of-the-box thinking as well as increase self-esteem.

“‘Guess what dad? I just remembered 100 pictures in order!’ That’s what my excited 7 year-old told me after playing Silly Story for only a few days.”
– T. Kaloe., Father of two


  • Six sequential memory games that use funny story lines to help children learn to easily link several objects together
  • Game charts to log your child’s learning progress and game scores
  • Game keys to help play the various Silly Story games
  • An accelerated learner award to present to your child when mastering the games
  • Perfect for children with any learning ability – great for the whole family
  • Instant download game pack
  • Plays on Windows and Macintosh computers


Follow That Dot Eye Tracking Games

Ages 8 months – adults

Awards for best eye tracking games

Eye Tracking Games Help:

Stimulate and activate right-brain functions such as visual and mass memory
Strengthen eye tracking muscles leading to easier reading
Develop creative faculties and help children learn almost anything faster and better
Lead your child to greater self-esteem and positive attitude

Award-winning eye tracking games include visual memory exercises based on the research of Asian child education expert Dr. Makoto Shichida.

He shows that when children exercise their eyes in up/down, left/right and zig-zag movements, it helps increase the speed at which children can track the written word. These games make eye exercises a lot of fun to do. Additionally, they help greatly increase memory and recall.

These games are suitable for very young children to adults. Vision therapists use these games to help children who have difficulty with eye tracking, especially those with dyslexia. They are excellent for young children who are learning to read and great for adults too!

“In Follow That Dot, children develop eye-tracking skills, practice making choices and identifying patterns. The colors are bright and provide high contrast for user with visual impairments. Follow that Dot is an exciting program and had our staff’s attention for quite some time! I believe it will be a valuable tool to children and adults of all ages.”
– K. Sandler, CFLE, National Lekotek Center
“I took Memory Magic for review by several professionals who study brain function. They said the techniques are excellent. One special ed. teacher who reviewed the game reported that the exercises would be good for the elderly. Teachers of learning deficient children are enthusiastic about the eye tracking game because it can help children who have difficulty with following the written word with their eyes. Thanks for creating this unique game pack. I’m hearing a lot of good things about the games from others in the district too.”
– M. Martin, Library Media Specialist, Glacier Hills Elementary School
“Eye tracking exercises normally are quite difficult to train infants, but these games make it easy.”
– R. Manawadu, Singapore



  • Five eye tracking games stimulate right brain activity and help children develop visual memory and pattern identification
  • Four eye tracking cards help strengthen eye muscles for reading
  • Seven accelerated learner awards to present to your child as they excel with the games
  • Charts to log your child’s learning progress and game scores
  • Helps activate more areas of the brain to children learn almost any school subject easier
  • Perfect for children with any learning ability – great for the whole family
  • Instant download game pack
  • Plays on Windows and Macintosh computers
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