Sequential Memory Cards

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Sequential Memory Cards are a Fun Way Your Child Can Easily Memorize 100 Objects in Sequential Order!

by Mercury Learning Systems

Ages 1 year – adults

Awards for best sequential memory cards

Sequential Memory Cards Help Children:

Easily memorize and recall 100 objects in sequential order
Develop instant memory recall
Activate creative faculties and out-of-the-box thinking
Increase self-esteem and learning abilities


Another award-winning card pack inspired by right brain education expert Dr. Makoto Shichida. He says, “In our classrooms, the teacher places 10 different pictographic cards on a whiteboard. The student starts to connect the cards to each other with a story, which creates a picture in the mind facilitating memorization.” He says with practice, “Students no longer need the verbal connections. They can easily remember 40 to 50 images. For many kids even 100 cards aren’t a problem.”

We found that when humor or silliness is part of game play with these cards, almost anyone can remember 100 or more objects in perfect sequential order and usually very quickly.


  • 100 2×3 printable sequential memory cards
  • Instructions for playing 10 games based on accelerated learning methods
  • Game charts to log game scores or your child’s learning progress
  • Game keys to help when playing the various games
  • An accelerated learner award to present to your child when mastering the games
  • Complete instructions for cards assembly and game play
  • Perfect for children with any learning ability – great for the whole family!
  • Instant download after purchase
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