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Why Increasing Your Child’s Self-Esteem May Actually Help Them Grow Up To Be Emotionally Balanced Adults

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Hi, my name is Brad Davis, owner of Mercury Learning Systems, and father of two. As a parent too, I’m sure you want your children to grow up to be well-balanced adults mentally and emotionally. You want them to have a happy, healthy childhood into adulthood, reaching their full potential.

The problem is, many children are dealing with low self-esteem which, according to experts, is linked to depression and anxiety. Symptoms of these revolve around sadness, hopelessness and mood changes.

Whenever I noticed one of my children ‘acting out’ in some negative way that had no obvious reason, I often wondered, “Why are they acting like this? What’s the underlying cause of this behavior? And, what can I do to help?” Many times there was no clear answer.

So, after some research, I learned that if I could raise my child’s self-esteem, they would be less-likely to fall into periods of depression and anxiety with all its bad behavior patterns. They would have a happier childhood and be more equipped to control how they thought and felt as they grow up.

That’s when I came across these great self-esteem positive affirmation songs written for children. They have been used by child therapists, teachers and in parenting courses around the world with amazing results.

Here’s what one child therapist said about these songs…

“We work with children that were written off as unteachable or uncontrollable. We started playing your songs in our sessions and they began to exhibit extraordinary changes: They became positive, cooperative and excited about their new-found abilities including a love for learning…. Miracles are happening!”

So, we started playing the songs to and from school and it was like night and day: Less arguing, more cooperation and they were singing positive things about themselves almost constantly. I even sing them… they literally turned our whole family around!

I was so impressed with the songs that my learning company secured the rights to sell them in America. So, I’m thrilled to introduce you to our new offer called the “Self-Esteem Song Pack for Children.”


Here’s What’s Included in This Pack…

Special as I Can Be album

Album 1 – Special As I Can Be10 catchy melodies with easy words so they will prompt positive self-talk all day long. They help your child develop trust, happiness, a can-do spirit, being true to yourself, control over thoughts and feelings and much more… (a $10.95 value)

Love is a Circle album

Album 2 – Love Is A Circle12 more memorable songs that will cultivate love of self and others, thinking positively, getting along with others, acceptance of mistakes, persistence, learning, self-acceptance, healthy feelings, and much more… (a $10.95 value)

self esteem song books

Self-Esteem Sing-a-Along Song BooksTwo printable 24-page booklets containing all the lyrics from the 22 self-esteem songs so the whole family can join in and spread the happiness around… (a $3.78 value)

self esteem affirmation posters

Self-Esteem Affirmation Posters18 printable 11″ x 17″ posters that you can hang in your kid’s room, classroom or around the house. These affirmations are based on the self-esteem songs and will reinforce your child’s mental and emotional well-being… (a $17.82 value)

our guarantee

Our 100% Confidence GuaranteeWe’re so confident that these are the most engaging, positive and effective songs you will ever own, that if you don’t notice a dramatic change in your child’s behavior using these songs within the next 30 days, you can keep everything, and we’ll return your full purchase price!

Listen to Some Samples!

Special As I Can Be:

When I Look in the Mirror:

Love Is A Circle:

It Just Takes A Little Persistence:

Read These Amazing Testimonials

“I have been listening to ‘Special as I can be’ ever since I was in grade 4 when I had terrible self-confidence issues because I was bullied at school. It made me so happy when I sung the songs. Now in grade 12, I am a naturally happy person because I believe I can control my emotions and thoughts to what I want to feel. I just wanted to thank you so much, your music has really changed my perspective on life and one day I will give the music to my children if they ever feel down.”
– BC, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

“These albums are absolutely fantastic! The melodies are delightful – so easy to sing – yet they have a sparkle and creativity that keeps them ‘alive’ from start to finish. The actual affirmations are also beautifully constructed and are perfect for children – young and old alike. I will be introducing them to parents at my seminars. Congratulations on a truly wonderful creation.”– AA, Self-Esteem Counselor

professional proof

“I gave the album to my young cousins. They were in a rather grumpy mood, four of them in the car … I produced the songs, which instantly transformed the atmosphere and had us all singing away. They were delighted and I’ll be sending for another soon.”– MG, West Sussex, UK

“It has been and is still enjoyed by the children in our kindergarten center. They really like singing the songs. A colleague in Canada is now using them with her children at kindergarten.”– RC, Kindergarten Teacher, Healesville, Vic.

professional proof

“I felt very excited after listening to ‘Love Is A Circle’. I kept thinking how beneficial these affirmations are in helping children think positive and feel better about themselves; they cover many aspects of so many important areas vital for promoting and developing children’s self-esteem. As a parenting course facilitator I will make good use of it and recommending these songs to all of my course participants.”– MP, Parenting Course Facilitator

professional proof

“I was given your latest album Love is a Circle to listen to as I teach Year 1 at Good News School. I have really enjoyed it and the affirmations fit really well with a social skills program that we teach. I have also used it as quiet music in the afternoon.”– JF, Teacher, Brisbane, Qld

You Can’t Put A Price On Your Child’s Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Some parents think that spending hundreds of dollars on video games or gifts, or taking them on expensive outings will take their minds off what’s bugging them, when there may be something deeper going on.

As smart parents, we should also invest in things that will help unlock their inner happiness so they will have a better chance of growing into well-balanced adults.

Which is why I’m excited to be able to offer what has worked miracles for countless children for just $21.99.

Plus, I’m Throwing In This $20 Gift, Completely FREE!

As adults, we also get out-of-sorts dealing with the stressful demands on our lives. Whether it’s money issues, health problems, mental or emotional strain, the list goes on. When we get negative, it affects those around us, especially our children.

So, we put together this special FREE song pack just for you called “Positive Affirmation Songs for Adults”.

Sing Your Way to Health, Wealth and Happiness album

This engaging album has nine specially formulated positive affirmation songs that will help you release low self-esteem, grief, resentment, greed, rejection, sadness, obstructions, lack and hurt, and replace them with confidence, abundance, success, strength, health, vibrancy, love, joy, harmony, peace, happiness, youthfulness and more.

You can even sing some of these songs with your children.

We’re also including a 16-page printable songbook and 10 printable posters with the album.

Just Purchase Above and We’ll Send Your Instant Download Link Right Away!

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