Rapid Learning Encyclopedic Knowledge Card Games – Tools

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Bundle Special: All Eight Sets of Tool Cards

by Mercury Learning Systems LLC

Ages 8 months – adults

Memory Magic awards

Helps Children Develop:

Instant object/word/sound association and recognition
Right brain/left brain activation
Rapid memory recall
Encyclopedic knowledge and increased vocabulary
Self-esteem and faster learning abilities


Fun award-winning card games inspired by the pioneering work of education experts Glenn Doman and Dr. Makoto Shichida. Your entire family will love playing these games which were specially designed to stimulate and activate whole brain functions while learning about tools from around the world.


  • Eight sets of 10 printable playing cards – 80 different tools from around the world
  • Two sizes of cards: Large (8.5 x 11) for young children and small (2×3) for teens to adults
  • The front of each card shows a high-quality photographic object. The backs include the name of the object and several interesting facts about it
  • Instructions for playing 12 games based on accelerated learning methods
  • Game charts to log game scores or your child’s learning progress
  • Game keys to help when playing the various games
  • An accelerated learning award to present to your child when mastering the games
  • Complete instructions included
  • Perfect for children with any learning ability – great for the whole family
  • Instant download card sets

Sets Included:

  • Set 1: Adjustable Wrench, Antique Key, Architect’s Broom, Balance Scales, Ballpein Hammer, Bathroom Plunger, Binder Clip, Binoculars, Broom, Bush Shears
  • Set 2: Combination Lock, Compass, Coping Saw, Crutches, Diagonal Pliers, Drawing Compass, Electric Blender, Electric Fan, Flathead Screwdriver, Flour Sifter
  • Set 3: Food Grater, Hair Comb, Hatchet, Heavy Duty Stapler, Ice Cream Scoop, Judge’s Mallet, Level, Loop, Magnet, Magnifying Glass
  • Set 4: Meat Cleaver, Microscope, Multi-Purpose Knife, Nail, Nail File, Nutcracker, Otoscope, Paintbrush, Pencil, Phillips Screwdriver
  • Set 5: Pipe Wrench, Pliers, Plum Bob, Pushpin, Rolodex, Rolling Pin, Rope, Rubber Mallet, Rubber Stamp, Ruler
  • Set 6: Safety Pin, Scrub Brush, Slide Rule, Sponge, Stethoscope, Stopwatch, Telegraph, Thermometer, Tire Pump, Toothbrush
  • Set 7: Tweezers, Typewriter, Vise Grips, Washboard, Whip, Whistle, Wire Hanger, Whisk, Whisk Broom, Wood Saw
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