How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything – Vol 1

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Lessons and Games to Naturally Activate Your Child’s Full Potential

Ages 1 year and up

PDF Ebook with printable cards, 146 pages


• Instant Memory Training Grid Game
• Grid Game Cards
• Right Brain/Left Brain Writing Training
• Training Cards
• The Best Way to Learn Fractions and Percentages
• Fraction/Percentage Cards
• Three Methods for Easily Learning the 45 Presidents of the United States
• President Cards
• Using Your Three Senses to Learn Almost Anything Better
• Visual Chaining Memory Training
• Memory Techniques
• Eight Intelligences for Learning
• Basic Association Memory Training
• Eye Tracking Cards to Strengthen Eye Muscles
• Eye-Tracking Cards

This ebook series contains a variety of supplemental fun lessons, games and information that when followed correctly, will naturally stimulate and activate your child’s right brain and help unlock their unlimited potential.

They are based on the learning methods of Maria Montessori, Makoto Shichida, Glenn Doman, Colin Rose and others in the fields of right brain education, child brain development and accelerated learning for children. It doesn’t matter at what level your child is at, this book will help them tap into and their highest potential.

We have been researching accelerated learning methods for over 22 years. You will find what is contained in this series to be some of the effective methods available for properly stimulating young minds to excel now, and later as successful adults. I know this to be true because we used these same learning methods with our children starting at a very early age. Both have grown up to be well balanced, smart and productive individuals who are leading successful lives.

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