Chinese Early Learning Songs – All 3 Volumes

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Learning Chinese with These Songs are Interactive and Fun for Young and Old!


For ages 8 months – 10 years
All region DVDs

Early learning is critical for every child’s growth. The flashcard methodology used in this series is proven to be highly effective in developing spelling, word/sound recognition, encyclopedic knowledge and increased vocabulary at a very early age.

Along with the captivating pictures and song videos, the words used are color-coded using bright colors, which allows children to learn spelling 25% faster. Together with accurate pronunciation, these Chinese DVDs help your child develop a positive interest in whatever subject they are engaging in.

Chinese early learning songs are interactive and fun.

Your child can now learn new Chinese words in a fun and entertaining way. This DVD series helps your child to speak and read Chinese words through a compilation of 66 song videos. It’s a wonderful blend between word flashcards, videos, pictures, animations and engaging children’s songs. Before each song, your child will be shown a short flash-cards lesson, introducing them to the keywords that will be used in the song video. Each volume provides 40 minutes of songs and fun that will sure to be enjoyed over and over again!

Sample Video:

Volume 1 Song Titles: 1) As We Get Together! 2) The Fishing Song 3) Sister is carrying a doll on her back 4) Grasp Your Fist! 5) Play With The Slide 6) The Speedy Train 7) The Ugly Duckling 8) Sweet Little Girl 9) Little Stars 10) Rain Song 11) Building A Plane 12) Butterfly Song 13) Ten little children 14) One Thumb Moves A Little 15) The Trishaw Song 16) Elephant Song 17) I Like To Be An Obedient Child 18) Where Are My Friends? 19) Head & Shoulder, Knees & Toes 20) I Love My Village 21) Two Tigers 22) Happy Birthday! 23) After School Song

Volume 2 Song Titles: 1) Dancing Song 2) My Mother's Eyes 3) Toy Kingdom 4) Lazy Worm 5) Fishes Song 6) Finger-guessing game 7) Lady Moon 8) Toy World 9) London Bridge Is Falling Down 10) My Precious Family 11) Looking For My Friend 12) Youth Song 13) See-saw Game 14) Home Song 15) Climbing High 16) Picnic Song 17) Let's Be Friends! 18) Planting Song 19) Little Girl Doing Marketing 20) Mushroom Song 21) We Are Best Friends

Volume 3 Song Titles: 1) 1) Happy & Harmony 2) Let's pull out the radish! 3) Little white rabbit 4) Mother duck and her ducklings 5) Little busy bee 6) I am a little bird 7) Little mouse and the cat 8) Old raven 9) Old chicken versus little one 10) Little donkey 11) Young horse 12) Cat song 13) Locust song 14) Happy little bird 15) Ant moving a bean 16) Chinese pug 17) Fireflies 18) Hunter song 19) Turkey in the wheat grass 20) Counting the toads 21) Seagull song 22) Frog Choir

WINKtoLEARN’s mission is to create early learning products that help children learn about the world around them. Their award-winning programs are inspired by the proven teaching methods pioneered by Glenn Doman of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, and Dr. Makato Shichida, founder of over 400 Child Academies throughout Asia and author of more than 100 books.

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