Math Six – Rapid Fraction Master

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Math Six – Fraction Master

In Math Six, students will master factoring, powers, roots, signed numbers, advanced calculation skills. They will also practice all 8 operations with fractions. Graduation criteria is the Factor Master ribbon.

Pre-teens – Teens – Second Semester


  • 60 lessons in 12 weekly units
  • Printable Math Six text, answer keys to text exercises, second semester Math Six posters, Factor cards, Powers cards, Prime Numbers cards, Multiples of 2 cards, and Math Six worksheets with answers
  • 49 short videos with complete instructions on how to print and use the materials and demonstrations on how to give the lessons

Please note that you will need to print the posters and cards for practice activities.

Click on the video below showing young Jones Geniuses students defeating college professors in an advanced math competition.

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