Preschool University

Preschool University early reading products are based on Montessori teaching principles and accelerated education. The design, content and sequence of these lessons have been perfected by over 22 years of experience by experts in early reading as well as continual use in classroom settings. These are by far the most complete and properly designed series of reading lessons available. Your children will master reading at an earlier age and in a way that will ensure more complete comprehension of the written word. See products at bottom.

The most important foundation your child needs when first learning how to read is knowing and understanding the sounds that letters make. We recommend starting your child with the Alphabet Card Set.

Why Other Early Reading Products Fall Short

Unfortunately, many other early reading products rely on teaching the names of letters with tools such as the alphabet song. With young children this actually interferes with the learning process. Knowing a letter name is of no use when first learning to read: letter names have nothing to do with how they sound in words. Children who first learned the names of letters can later become confused when trying to learn the sounds those letters make. Preschool University’s program starts with teaching letter sounds.

Another pitfall of many other reading programs is the use of capitol letters. 95% of English literature is lowercase so it makes no sense to early readers to associate the sounds of letters with their uppercase symbols. Our lessons only use capitol letters where appropriate within the sentence structure.

There are other important guidelines for properly training young children how to read, all of which have been painstakingly followed in these early reading products. Be assured you are receiving the very best reading program available for teaching your children to read at an early age and better comprehend the written word.

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