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Jones Geniuses Accelerated Math Education is the number one math curriculum for homeschoolers, after-schoolers and their families. They operate under The Institute for Accelerated Learning, Inc., a non-profit corporation headquartered in Kerrville, Texas. See products at bottom

These programs are based on the work and research of Miles R. Jones, Ph.D. He has been developing accelerated learning programs and implementing them in a variety of settings for over 15 years. Dr. Jones started the Institute in 2004 and is now the Director of Training and Curriculum.

Where Jones Geniuses Accelerated Math Education Begins

These programs start with teaching mathematics, number concepts, addition and subtraction to pre-school children, even toddlers, once their cerebral cortex is activated.

If your child is walking and talking, their cortex is online and they are capable of learning the numbers and their quantities and how to use them. Using their proprietary Dot Matrix™ system, they can immediately begin to count, add and subtract starting with one problem at a time and adding more and more through a gradual set of Matrix Fun Sheets. Very soon they will be off the Dot Matrix™ and ready to move on to more advanced mathematics.

Their second program is for elementary age children who understand addition and subtraction concepts although they may be far from perfect. Students will master the basic skills of addition, subtraction, borrowing, carrying, multiplication and division as well as learning rapid calculation skills and memory training. By the end of this one semester course, students who began not knowing how to multiply will be doing many advanced mathematics problems faster than an electronic calculator!

The Power of Jones Geniuses Accelerated Math Education

Below are selected testimonies to the power of Jones’ educational methods:

Click on the video below showing young Jones Geniuses students defeating college professors in an advanced math competition.

“The problem was to find the fifth root of 714,924,299. In less than ten seconds, three [Jones Geniuses] students correctly answered 59. The adults, with calculators, took more than a minute. Some never finished.”– Karel Holloway, Dallas Morning News

“I was in my first college math course. All of the other students were several years older than me. On the first day the teacher asked what was the fifth root of 32. Of course, to a [Jones Geniuses Math] student that is an easy question, but when I answered it everyone turned to look at me in awe.”– Meredith Escobar, Lancaster, Texas

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