Perfect Pitch Training for Children

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Those with perfect pitch have developed right/left brain connections that allow them to sing, play or identify any musical note from memory without a reference. Babies who receive perfect pitch stimulation training will, when older, often be able to quickly pick up and master singing or playing musical instruments.

Have you ever heard a melody playing in your head like a recording? Some have the ability to transfer a melody to almost any musical instrument with relative ease.

Musical geniuses like Mozart, Yo-Yo Ma and Stevie Wonder have all these abilities. It was said that sometimes Mozart heard completely new compositions enter his mind so quickly that he scarcely had enough time to write it to paper.

How to Help Your Baby or Young Child Develop Perfect Pitch

Piano is a good instrument for perfect pitch training

1. Shinichi Suzuki, creator of the Suzuki Method, trains his young students how to play an instrument by listening only. This is considered an accelerated learning method because it stimulates and activates with the right and left brain functions. His method it has produced some incredible young musicians.

2. If you have a piano or any tuned musical instrument, Sit with your baby and play on note, then tell him/her what that note is. And continue as long as your baby is alert and paying attention. Try humming the notes while playing them as long as you can hum in the same key! What we used with our son is a set of tuning forks. You can tap and hold them close to your baby’s ear as the sound resonates.

3. Play classical music as much as possible. Baroque (Largo tempo) is preferred because its beats per minute (BPM) is the same as the alpha brain wave state, which is the state best suited for learning. See our music CD selections for great music CDs.

4. Do a web search for “sounds of musical instruments”. You’ll find lots of sites, some of which have free sounds of dozens of musical instruments you can listen to with your baby. Many sites even have pictures with the sounds.

5. Watch the great video below for a great perfect pitch training game played by two teens.

Visit Suzuki’s American web site for more information about his learning methods or read our post.

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  1. Even though I’ not a musician, I’ve always had the ability to identify notes on the guitar and piano from their pitch. By the way I recommend Mnemonics for Perfect Pitch if someone wants to acquire some level of absolute pitch.

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