Learning Reading at an Early Age

Learning Reading Starts with Phonemic Awareness

Learning reading

Early reading specialist, Randall Klein discovered an important key to teaching children who are learning reading at an early age. He calls it phonemic awareness and says it all starts with isolating the beginning sounds of words. For example, when we consider the word /gold/, we find it’s made up of four distinct and separate phonetic sounds: /g/…/o/…/l/…/d/. For children to understand written and spoken language, they need to be able to recognize each letter sound. Mr. Klein tells us the first thing you need to do is teach your child to recognize and pronounce the beginning sounds of words (like the /g/ in /gold/) in order to truly learn how to read. Read the post by Mr. Klein and see his special learning to read product.

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The Five Most Common Mistakes Teachers Make

Another early reading specialist, Richard Colombini, M.A., has spent the last 22 years researching, classroom testing and perfecting the proper techniques and sequence for early reading success. In his research, he identified five mistakes that are most often made by teachers when presenting reading lessons. These are:

  1. Teaching Letter Symbols Before Their Sounds
  2. Teaching the Names of Letters
  3. Using Uppercase Letters
  4. Using Confusing Teaching Methods
  5. Teaching the ABC Song

The Best Products for Teaching Your Children to Read at an Early Age

To accelerate your child’s reading success, Mr. Colombini has produced over 30 fun mobile app games and over 50 early reading lesson booklets that take your children properly through each step to reading mastery starting with the beginning sounds of words. These reading products are the best available because they use appropriate stimulation methods, they avoid the five common mistakes in teaching how to read and they take your child through the right sequence of learning, which guarantees reading success.

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We have a wonderful program for children that contains many interactive accelerated learning games, lessons and songs inspired by The Doman Method®, Shichida, Colin Rose and other child development experts from around the world.
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