Encyclopedic Knowledge for Children

Broaden Your Child’s Mind with Encyclopedic Knowledge

Encyclopedic knowledge cards

Encyclopedic knowledge is an ability very young children can develop. Thanks to child development experts Glenn Doman and Dr. Makoto Shichida, their rapid flashing learning methods have proven that normal children (and those with learning challenges) can learn almost anything. Using this technique, your children can even develop rapid memory recall, increased vocabulary and more! That’s because there’s more focus on stimulating and strengthening right brain functions where massive amounts of information is stored and can later be recalled. Read more here.

Picture above shows one of the 380 encyclopedic learning cards available on our site.

“Last Saturday I went shopping with my little 11-month-old. As we strolled through the parking lot, all of a sudden she got excited about something. I asked her what she was wiggling about. She pointed over to a woman walking a dog nearby and shouted, ‘Dalmatian! Dalmatian!’ I was floored! The only place she’s ever seen that kind of dog was in the Super Flash games we play together. These games turned my daughter into a genius!”
– L. Harrington

Memory Magic Encyclopedic Knowledge Games

Mercury Learning Systems LLC created 38 card game packs filled with fun rapid learning card games built on the work of Doman and Shichida. Each of the games included with each pack help develop encyclopedic knowledge, object/sound/word recognition, rapid memory and more. There are a total of 380 printable playing cards available. As seen in the picture above, each card has a photographic object on the front and its name with several interesting encyclopedic facts on the backs. The cards also come in two sizes: Large for very young children and small for older children to adults. Included are instructions for playing 22 different accelerated learning games suitable for all ages, progress charts, game keys and accelerated learner awards to present to your children.

We have a wonderful program for children that contains many interactive accelerated learning games, lessons and songs inspired by The Doman Method®, Shichida, Colin Rose and other child development experts from around the world.
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