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Encyclopedic Knowledge for Children

Broaden Your Child's Mind with Encyclopedic Knowledge

Encyclopedic knowledge cards

Encyclopedic knowledge is an ability very young children can develop. Thanks to child development experts Glenn Doman and Dr. Makoto Shichida, their rapid flashing learning methods have proven that normal children (and those with learning challenges) can learn almost anything. Using this technique, your children can even develop rapid memory recall, increased vocabulary and more! That's because there's more focus on stimulating and strengthening right brain functions where massive amounts of information is stored and can later be recalled. Read more here.

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Rapid Math Calculation by Young Children

The Leader in Rapid Math Learning Programs for Young Children

Rapid math educational programs

Dr. Miles Jones, Founder of The Institute for Accelerated Learning, created one of most effective rapid math curricula available. He has been developing and teaching accelerated learning techniques to young children for over 30 years.

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Brain Functions: Learning through Right/Left Brains

Interest in right and left brain functions began to attract widespread attention after Dr. Roger Sperry of the California Institute of Technology won the Nobel Prize for his work on the functions of the brain's hemispheres. Since then, right/left brain theory has been utilized in areas such as specialized education, business models and even medical practices.

Below is a comprehensive list with descriptions of how we learn and experience life through our right and left brain functions. You'll discover things about yourself you may have never known before!

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Auditory Stimulation Enhances Child Brain Functions

According to experts, some types of auditory stimulation can be beneficial for learning while other types can be detrimental. I'll discuss both in this post.

Auditory Stimulation Using Classical Music Can Help Children Study

Research shows that playing a Largo cadence, such as experienced in Baroque music, is highly beneficial for study. This is because the beats per minute (BPM) of Largo is the same as the alpha brain wave state. The alpha state is the most receptive, alert state of mind we can be in, which is ideal for learning. Other classical music, such as the waltz, reportedly have a BPM that's in harmony the natural rhythm of our body. The waltz helps raise our energies and consciousness upward into positive states of mind, which is also helpful for learning.

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Child Flash Card Games

Child Flash Card Games Help Develop Surprising New Learning Abilities

Rapid learning child flash card games such as the ones we carry use an accelerated educational method which helps your child learn almost anything faster and much easier than the typical flash card games used in most classrooms. Your child can develop abilities such as:

  • Instant memorization and recall
  • Lightning-fast thought processes
  • Encyclopedic knowledge and increased vocabulary
  • Early word/object/sound recognition

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Shichida Method of Right Brain Learning

Makoto Shichida Method

Professor Makoto Shichida is a pioneer in the development of an accelerated learning program know as the Shichida Method. He is a well-known figure in Japan who has been implementing his unique teaching methods for over 40 years.

Since developing the Shichida Method, he has founded over 400 Child Academies in Japan and written more than 100 books, some of which remain on the bestsellers list in Japan.

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